2020 DWD Track Pack is now released & available for download

The 2020 DirtWorks Designs track pack is now available in the downloads. There are a few old DWD tracks in it that either needed something fixed on them or they were re gripped plus a new 3/8 Hartford Speedway . We also have some new tracks that were given to us to redo and add our touch to them. Thank You to Travis Pullens, Forrest Lane,  & Austin Reinke for the track donations. We hope everyone likes the changes & the new tracks for rFactor 1.

2020 DirtWorks Designs Stocks Re-Released

The All New 2020 stock cars have been updated and released today. Damage on the Monte Carlo has been adjusted and a few new skins added. This download should overwrite the previous 2020 version. There is a new car added to Streets & Supers, the Pro Stock. Also the Monte Super has an upgrade where you can remove the back cover & run different back panels. The new Pro Stock template is in the templates download.

2020 DirtWorks Designs Open Wheel Modifieds

A new 2020 version of the open wheel modifieds has been published. All skins have been carried over from the 2017 version of the mod. Changes include an updated 3d model for the wheel and tire on the Pierce, BMS, Shaw, and Buzzard chassis cars as well as the addition of a full bead and plate option on the left side wheels for painters to utilize a full over rim mud plate option. The IMCA claim engine cooling as also been updated to eliminate early and severe over heating. All other physics remain the same as the previous mod version. Download can be found in our downloads section.